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by News Desk on 11th May 2018

Test Automation Reality Check: Microsoft Dynamics AX user automates 40 processes in 15 days

With the help of solutions from Original Software and without any need to invest in costly specialist programming skills, this major UK merchanting business has hit the ground running on its road to test automation, converting 120 recordings into scripts, equating 40 automated processes.

The challenge for this organisation was that demand for the SMEs time was high, so automation would help to both improve quality and relieve the pressure on SMEs when carrying out User Acceptance Testing over their Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

Using Original Software’s TestAssist their SME’s recorded the key processes.  The Test Leads then deployed TestDrive to convert these processes into automated scripts. An Automation Best Practice document was also created to ensure that all recording and automation information was shared across the team to maximise efficiency.

As an added bonus, the original recordings can also be used to create training materials.

These automated processes will be run regularly and will catch the majority of the defects generated from new releases before the SME’s are needed for testing.  From other client feedback, we know as much as 95% of defects can be captured during the automation phase.

This frees up the SMEs to focus purely on the more complex end-to-end tests with the confidence that most issues will already have been found.

There is more work to do, but this is a cracking start, and the business has a set of automation assets ready for use in the next release.

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