User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

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by Jonathan Pearson on 19th August 2020

TAU of UAT – Simplicity


A key concept of TAU is the ‘uncarved block’, it suggests things have their own natural power from their original simplicity.

Certainly, the way some UAT projects are conducted suggests overly complex solutions not representing the needs required. When several systems or spreadsheets are used, along with various mechanisms to create and feedback results, users will often deviate from what is requested, and do what they want to accomplish the UAT in an easier way. With Qualify, Original’s UAT management system, there is one central platform that is designed specifically to ensure the UAT project is successful. As the solution is almost a single click to the user, more usage will help reduce the time taken for the overall UAT cycle.

To simplify process and people management, as UAT typically extends across different functional teams and departments, key control, management and visibility are often compromised. If the process and resources aren’t managed effectively then the time taken to do the job will increases.  With one solution platform, it will be easier for managers to see the current status of the test cycle. Role-based security will mean only the assets that resources have access to will be shown. With a Gantt-style view of all resources and their current workload, it is easy to ensure the most efficient path is being followed.

With different departments come different infrastructure, PCs, servers, and firewalls. It can be hard to imagine a company-wide solution can be easily installed for UAT. With Original, as the central UAT solution is a web system, there is little need to update specific application servers. Only a cloud or on-site database and an IIS server are required to run the system. Each specific user can then request the components needed to complete the UAT on their specific device. With ease and speed of implementation, the team can begin to realize their potential as soon as possible. There is usually no need to buy any extra hardware to accommodate the UAT management solution.

Jonathan Pearson is a qualified yoga instructor and Customer Success Manager at Original Software

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