User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

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by Jonathan Pearson on 21st September 2020

TAU of UAT – Energy


There is a cosmic vital energy that enables beings to survive and links them to the universe.

In this spirit, the universe is in a constant state of change; things are created, exist, and then destroyed.
A UAT project’s lifeblood, or vital energy, is data which further enables communication & collaboration. This also changes as the project unfolds, and it is vital that the current state can easily be seen at any time.
Often, teams are in different geographical locations or working from home, which can strain communications. It can be hard to differentiate which tests are completed, their results can’t be seen, and information on what is now required is harder to follow.
One centralized system holding all the jobs, who did them and when, with the granular results of the test, will make visibility much easier for all the UAT users. Integrating this with other systems, where required, allows visibility for other teams outside of UAT. With better communication comes more effective testing being done in a shorter time. The management information will allow easier planning of the release.
Certain larger test scenarios may be broken into smaller tests that require interconnecting data to be used by multiple people. The system can be set up to send auto e-mails to notify resources when the next phase of the test is ready for them and what data is needed.
Users from different teams and groups need to collaborate as transactions flow through the business from one team to another.  Testing depends on previous activities. If It is not clear what was done before and when the next step is ready, then time is wasted, and miscommunication creates gaps and mistakes. By synchronized management of the linked tasks between teams, the scheduling of each is easier and more visible, and the data flows from one team to another. There are fewer gaps and misunderstandings, helping speed up the whole process. This way of working can also facilitate a Kanban or BAU approach to continuous testing, depending on what is required.
Jonathan Pearson is a qualified yoga instructor and Customer Success Manager at Original Software.

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