User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

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by Jonathan Pearson on 8th September 2020

TAU of UAT – Effortless action


The Tao does not do, but nothing is not done This means living by or going along with the true nature of the world and letting things take their natural course.

There are several key areas that the Original Software UAT solution can simplify and ensure the most effortless interaction at the point of the UAT tester.

Quite often UAT feedback causes problems by being poorly reported and test coverage visibility not available. Proof of testing therefore cannot be provided for internal review and external audit. New requirements that could benefit the application are missed and not implemented as standardized feedback is too difficult to create. To solve this and ensure that the process is as effortless as possible, TestAssist will ensure that every test is automatically documented with full recreation steps of any issue. Any questions about current UI/UX can be explained fully through the documentation to the management team. The quality of issue reporting is transformed leading to faster resolution and the test coverage can be easily understood and reported.

The next area that often causes bottlenecks, and is seen as a real issue, is the ability to easily triage UAT feedback. When problems are poorly reported it is difficult to ascertain what may be a software defect, as opposed to a data issue or user error. Efficient triaging leads to a vast reduction of false positives being sent to the dev team. As the user feedback area is simple to use, so the management triage area is also simple. All feedbacks, that are logged as issues, can be checked in order to see if this is actually a problem or not. Through the triage, only actual issues can be logged as defects. This also allows for new requirements, UX/UI opinions, questions, and positive feedback to be captured and checked.

When the test execution, feedback and triage loops are efficiently designed and effectively managed the UAT process becomes a much simpler job. If not completely effortless, the burden is greatly reduced.

Jonathan Pearson is a qualified yoga instructor and Customer Success Manager at Original Software.

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