User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

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by George Wilson on 6th July 2021

UAT – the costliest phase in testing

UAT costliest phase in testing

UAT costliest phase in testing

UAT – the costliest phase in testing

Organizing, managing, and executing any type of testing or testing project can be a substantial and daunting task, and  User Acceptance Testing is no exception.

Any UAT phase is likely to be the most costly type of testing undertaken due to the number of people, timescales, and repeated cycles. 

Hence, it is well worth optimizing this activity to get the best outcome and do it in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

The Ultimate Guide to UAT  looks at all the potential activities that might apply in a UAT project. 

Download the Ultimate Guide to UAT

3 ways this guide will improve your UAT performance

1. Provides best practices

2. Introduces frameworks

3.Optimizes user input

Providing a holistic yet well-documented exploration of the UAT process and how to optimize User Acceptance Testing to better understand the proposed change. Download your free copy today.

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