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by Sue Armitage on 8th September 2021

Scrap the spreadsheet and up your UAT efficiency

UAT Webinar Scrap spreadsheets

How to implement a more efficient way and gain ROI in days

UAT Webinar Scrap spreadsheets

In this webinar, you will learn:

The main barriers and bottlenecks
Technologies to avoid and the ones that can bring efficiencies
Best practice for capturing UAT and managing the process

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a key part of a successful software change process. One that comes towards the end of the project and usually does not get the same level of focus, or time, that earlier phases do.

One of the reasons for this neglect is the lack of tools and technology available to support UAT, hence people resort to spreadsheets or other non-ideal software solutions. Not only are they cumbersome and inefficient, but they may be doing more harm than good.

Fortunately, technological advances that support better UAT practices are now available that allow for a much simpler approach, saving time and money for businesses.

Join us on this webinar where we go through the simple steps to see how you can change your UAT today, for an easier and more productive future.

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