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by Jonathan Pearson on 26th March 2020

Luv in the time of Covid-19


Future proofing to ensure business continuity.

Don’t worry this isn’t some  Gabriel García Márquez* rehash, it is about how flexible and prepared companies are for the current economic situation. Nobody is sure of the outcome, will this be a L type where we dip and then head towards prolonged depression, a U where there is a downturn followed by scraping along the bottom for a while before recovering, or a quick V where after the drop we bounce right back? It would be nice to have a crystal ball at times like these, but is there another way to help?

The ability to cope with what lies ahead in the software world is sometimes called future-proofing, ensuring stability and a smooth transition is key to enabling business continuity and support. With Original’s IT management system ‘Qualify AQM’,  this capability has been baked into the product since its inception. A lot of our customers started using Qualify as a standard waterfall test case and requirements management system only to find that a few years down the line the teams were asked to work in a more agile methodology. Maybe they wanted to add a development option, or integrate with a bug tracker, or involve the PMO for forecasting. One of the core functions of Qualify AQM is to allow data and process to be held and changed exactly as required, we never ask a company to change their requirements to suit our product. Some are on their 3rd or 4th iteration of their model and with each change, the systems grow more useful and aligned with the needs at the time.

This has been a cornerstone that has been helping our customers since they started using Qualify AQM, and importantly will continue to moving forward whatever the methodologies and systems require.

Even though some of us may feel like we are going through a hundred years of solitude at the moment we will come out of this eventually, let’s make sure we are prepared for the road ahead whatever that may bring.

Stay safe and for now, stay inside.

Jonathan Pearson is a Customer Success Manager with Original Software.

* Gabriel Garcia Marquez- Colombian novelist, screenwriter, and journalist known for amongst many other works the novel and film “Love in the Time of Cholera”.

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