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by Rich Edmondson on 16th April 2021

Original Software Partnerships – Anthesis

Our shared values of delivering high-quality solutions to your ERP and the Infor M3 marketplace.

Anthesis and Original Software’s partnership exists based on our shared values of delivering high-quality solutions to the ERP
and Infor M3 marketplace.

Together the organizations provide complementary solutions to manage end-to-end platform implementation and testing, delivering success with substantial cost savings and zero defects. The combined offering enables clients undergoing software change to maximize efficiency, success, and quality in providing and implementing change.

Anthesis’ expert M3 consultants can deliver a rapid and successful implementation using the code-free test automation pioneered by Original Software.

Original Software provides complete support for test management, manual testing, and end-to-end test automation for all applications. Ensuring a change in one area doesn’t harm another. Customers usually see cost savings of up to 75% and zero defects reaching production.

Throughout the process, Anthesis provides extensive knowledge of Infor M3 and best practices that organizations might not have available in-house, enabling clients to free up their teams to focus on other priorities. Anthesis consultants have an average of 15 years of experience completing M3 projects with the technical and functional expertise needed to release the value of an ERP investment.

With a consultant-led and managed approach and end-to-end test automation, the implementation process is easier and more efficient than ever before. Organizations can free up internal resources, slash implementation times and reduce the downtime of critical systems.

Our combined offering is for customers that need an efficient way of testing system updates and ensuring retention of system knowledge by end-users. Allowing them more time to focus on business objectives.<br|></br|>

Peter Williamson, Operations Director at Anthesis.

Different customers have different objectives, whether the focus is saving time and effort, cost reduction, or eliminating risk. By partnering with us, customers can be assured that before they go live with major upgrades, they can be relaxed in knowing that everything will work perfectly.

Jerry van den Berg, Head of Channels
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