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by George Wilson on 17th October 2019

Regression Testing that delivers business continuity and peace of mind.

“Transport after transport! Everything keeps changing – I’m worried we will miss something important!”

Managing a large business-critical application inevitably means engaging with change, whether it is change driven by the business, other application interface needs, vendor patches or upgrades. And the speed of change is increasing, making it even harder to be confident that you have not missed something important or something “bad”.

Security from something bad hitting production comes from multiple levels of testing, but in the end, proper Regression Testing is the most comprehensive form of protection. When you have fully understood and assessed the actual impact of every change, and you know there is nothing bad there, you can have confidence.

Along with Tim Bower, I recently ran this webinar for members of the UK and Ireland SAP user group, illustrating how fellow SAP users have rapidly solved the Regression Testing Challenge that comes with change – mitigating risk efficiently across their entire application portfolio, including ECC & S/4. The outcome –  a faster delivery schedule and zero defects in production. This includes our simple strategy for keeping the Regression Test library in line with the application as it changes. Hence, maintenance is minimal, and you are immediately ready for the next transport.

We reference how different companies have built and run bullet-proof regression tests whenever they need to, and how you too can sleep the night peacefully before a new go-live and be ready for the next round of changes.

George Wilson is the Operations Director at Original Software.

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