User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

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by George Wilson on 21st May 2019

M3UA UK Conference – Don’t miss the biscuits, they could be the secret of success.

UAT workshop – share challenges and debate strategies 

Join us, Original Software at the M3UA UK Conference


Will you be in Nottingham this week? If so, why not come along to the round table discussion on Thursday morning we are hosting on UAT?

In any M3 Implementation, Change or Business Improvement Project, testing and particularly user acceptance testing (UAT) is usually the most time-consuming activity. Content and commitment can both be a challenge.

This workshop gives the opportunity to share challenges faced and discuss strategies employed to minimise business disruption and maximise user participation for success.

Share your experiences, learn from others and walk away with a few tips, including the tactical use of biscuits!

UAT workshop – are biscuits the secret of success? Thursday 9.45 am

If you are going and would like to talk about your implementation or upgrade challenges just get in touch and let me know when’s a convenient time.

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