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by Sue Armitage on 8th December 2023

Why UAT is the key to seamless Infor ERP migration: get the free eBook

Infor and UAT - Original Software eBook

If you’re planning an upgrade or migration from on-premise to CloudSuite Infor ERP, you might want to read this eBook first.

It’s a handy distillation of everything you need to know to avoid mistakes that could cost your business big time in terms of money, time and reputation.

We’re talking big mistakes here – think of highly public embarrassments like TSB’s botched IT upgrade of 2018, or Alphabet’s flawed launch of its AI chatbot Bard in 2023.

The answer is User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which you can use to surface bugs and potential gaps in your business’ end-to-end cloud ecosystem.

This is the only form of testing that you (rather than the vendor) can carry out to ensure that a cloud product migration is fit for purpose.

Find out more inside about:

  • Why UAT is critical for businesses migrating ERP to the cloud
  • How UAT safeguards functionality, data integrity, and user experience during the transition.
    How to drive business continuity post-migration and mitigate risks.
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