User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

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by News Desk on 22nd May 2018

Fake News! “Automation can Replace UAT”

Man holding mobile phone with Fake News headline

Manual testing is tedious, but can you really get rid of UAT by adopting automation? It’s a great concept, but can you really leave the Subject Matter Experts alone so they can get on with their day jobs?

Reality Check: It’s true that automation can go a long way to replacing people in functional testing, which is great as this work is both repetitive and dull. However, SMEs are uniquely positioned to provide feedback at the UI/UX level and to assess how new functionality supports the business.

Solution: SMEs are busy, and if test automation isn’t the answer, then surely there must be a way to alleviate their workload. The answer is Yes. It’s new, designed specifically for SMEs and is already proven to dramatically streamline UAT. You can read about it here.

Did you catch last week’s Fake News, “I can’t code, so I can’t automate”? If not, you can read it here.

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