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by Sue Armitage on 15th May 2023

2023 May Newsletter

Welcome to our Spring update.

We have loads of great things to tell you all about! There’s a new look to our website, lots of new features and functionality across our product suite, plus a spotlight on Rich, our longest-serving employee and customer success superstar.


Pam Grimley – Head of Customer Success

New: New website & branding

If you have got this far, you will probably have seen a few changes already.

We’re super excited to unveil our new website and branding at its new home of! Go and check it out if you haven’t already and let us know what you think.

Please note that all emails now come from, so make sure we are added to your safe senders list to ensure they get delivered!

What’s new in Qualify?

Qualify is now enhanced to support secure login (SSL) via certification for extra peace of mind for those using sensitive data.

Further enhancements have been made to the widely used resource management module within Qualify; this will allow the gathering of better data on resource utilization at a more granular level.

Refined filtering support has been added to enhance data retrieval in Qualify.

What’s new in TestDrive and TestAssist?

Even faster loading time ‚ö°ÔłŹ

Significant improvements for opening playlists have been achieved, with a 50% time reduction in loading.

The variable data solution has been substantially expanded to give more user capability for further comprehensive testing.

Checking rules have been strengthened to enable users to define at multiple levels where they wish the rule to apply.

There is now improved logic in the worklist controller mechanism.

Changes to LDAP integration now allow username changes and support to be able to remove users from security groups when working with row-level security.  

Hot on the heels of Cookie 7 will be Cookie 8 with integration to Smartsheet, the project and work management platform.

TestBench 8.2 is here

Testing and test data management for IBM i. Procedure Interception is here!

As you may know, we already offer program parameter interception.
We are excited to now offer Procedure Interception!

Procedure Interception provides the internal /external procedures and external programs called and their parameter values, along with a chronological view. This is without the need to define breakpoints!

In addition, this release includes several enhancements to Data Cases, Warp Cases, Test Environments and Report Compare.

This information can help with

  • Improving the efficiency of your applications
  • Finding issues / Debugging

Testing Infor?

We’re delighted to be attending and presenting at this event for M3 and Infor users, alongside a number of our customers. Find out more about the conference here.

A step-by-step guide to UAT

Everything you could ever want to know about UAT.

Hints and Tips

Capturing dynamic screen values with TestDrive

Why does TestDrive appear to obtain random values when using the Get Screen Value action?

Well, they aren’t random values. There is a reason why different values may appear than what you may expect.

A customer recently inquired about a screen with a row of data that contained the Status and a Manifest Number. The customer wondered why the value for Status was not retrieved but rather a different screen element.  

Here’s how you can capture other screen values if you have many scripts already recorded and you do not want to change your global option set configuration or use an action override in the Playlist.

Have we made a difference?

Would you like to tell us what difference Original Software Solutions has made in your organization? 

Share your story, and we will send a thank-you gift to everyone featured in a future newsletter for your trouble. 

Employee focus – meet Rich

Rich Carbray and son with Buddy and Leia

Hi, I’m Richard aka Rich!

As a Solutions Consultant, I am fortunate and grateful to be with Original Software for 21+ years! I love working with our customers, and I genuinely cherish the relationships. I particularly enjoy helping solve the challenges customers present, especially in test automation.

Yes, as many know, I am very fond of TestBench and the IBM i.

I have a wife and son that keep me busy yet sane. We are constantly on the go with our son, going to his travel soccer, basketball, and baseball games. I enjoy coaching baseball, playing football/basketball with my son, travelling to unfamiliar places, and simply going on long walks.

We also have two sibling puppies, Buddy and Leia, that are of Maltese / Shih Tzu mix. Let’s just say the puppies keep us entertained but drive me nuts!

I continue to look forward to talking to you, our customers and helping in any way I can…

Keep in touch

We are always keen to hear from you about how we can make your (testing) life easier!

Whether you have ideas for product enhancements or suggestions on how we can best support you and your team going forward, feel free to drop me a line.

That’s all for now, until next time!


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