Regression testing

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by Jonathan Pearson on 9th October 2019

Ten Factors for a Successful Regression Test : 4. Data

original-software-ten-factors-for-successful-regression-test-No4 Data

“Data is precious so it needs to be re-usable or renewable”

The regression testing environments are ready- now, what about the data?

Usable data for any new functionality may be needed, such as specific set-up data or new types of processes. Standard data for existing functionality and previously found defects must also be available for testing. This can sometimes be difficult to come by, and new tests in the QA environment will fail due to existing data.

This data should either be re-usable or renewable if required, obfuscation may also be an issue if the test data is copied from live. The process of creating data may need collaboration with the DBA team so this should also be taken into consideration.

This is an extract from a whitepaper titled “Top Ten Factors for a Successful Regression Test”, which takes you through the key factors that will ensure the best outcome – if all is as it should be and no defects have found their way through – then you have conducted a successful regression test.

Jonathan Pearson is a Customer Success Manager at Original Software.

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