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Why partner with Original Software?
Together, we can streamline your client’s IT processes whilst increasing your ROI.

Your clients and customers have three simple demands: Quicker, Cheaper, Better. To win and retain business, we know you are under pressure to optimize every aspect of their operation.

To be efficient and profitable, you need to streamline every part of their process. For these reasons, everyone on the team must have the best tools to enhance their productivity and respond to needs quickly. At Original Software, we have the testing part sorted for you. 

Revolutionizing the speed & quality of testing services delivery.


We want you to feel confident integrating our comprehensive suite of software testing solutions into your portfolio of professional offerings. If your clients depend on you to transform their critical business applications, we can help.

With the combination of our next-generation testing solutions and by applying your already innovative IT solutions for your customers, together we can deliver flawless results today.

Industry leading, patented software

With industry-leading innovation such as our code-free script building, and the ability of these scripts to change or ‘heal’ themselves when a change is detected in the application, means we have broken down the barriers associated with software test automation. Automation is created more quickly than any other solution; maintenance is minimized and, productivity is maximized.

Original Software makes application quality available to the broadest possible audience. Our rapid learning curves and reduction in the need for specialized skills go a long way in improving profitability.


Our Product Suite

If you are looking to speed up your manual testing, process capture, or user acceptance testing, TestAssist can play a key role in streamlining your processes.

100% code-free test automation checks every element of every screen. TestDrive allows complete and true regression testing, without the need for specialist engineers. Patented self-healing technology  keeps up with application changes avoiding lengthy rewrites.

Methodology agnostic, Qualify AQM is the ultimate test management solution, has a zero maintenance burden and allows instant access to and a unified view of all your IT projects from the desktop, web or any smart device. 

Qualify Enterprise encompasses all activities in IT, from the CIO and the PMO, to the business users carrying out testing and the trainers helping them. A highly configurable data storage, asset repository, resource management, workflow and task management solution. 

Test data management, verification and unit testing solution for IBM i.Test data needs tender loving care and under pressure QA teams can’t afford to wait for their turn in the DBA queue. Extract, transform, warp and protect one of your most important test assets and without a line of SQL in sight.

Benefits of partnering with Original Software

Productivity increased

Reduced project cost

Improve quality of testing

Resource efficiency maximised

Project deadlines met

Reduced project time

Critical defects eliminated

Client satisfaction ensured

Original Software has turned out to be among the top five best application purchasing decisions we’ve ever made

J.P. Jones CIO Macerich

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