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End-to-End application testing solutions that enable you to innovate faster, increase quality and reduce risk

Change doesn't need to be risky

Risk is a major concern for Finance, Banking, and Insurance organisations. However, change is essential to leverage new technologies, gain competitive advantage and achieve regulatory compliance. You must effectively balance the need to be fast-paced while reducing risk. 

Original Software’s Testing Solutions for the finance industry can help improve the quality of your business applications, accelerate project delivery, and eliminate defects in the production environment.

"The solution from Original Software has helped us significantly reduce the business risk of poor quality."

Doug Goodwin, VP Global Development Euronet

Reduced time to market

Capital One radically accelerated the testing of their mission-critical middleware layer which supports key systems for online credit card and loan applications, as well as customer service functions, whilst ensuring zero defects in their web applications

Capital One’s Solutions Testing Team was able to deliver the middleware project on time and with exceptional levels of quality. They significantly reduced their time to market, slashing testing times by up to 75% all while ensuring maximum quality levels in their web-based applications – reinforcing their competitive business edge.

Faster, higher quality software

Cargill Global Financial Solutions improved testing quality, and quantity, without increasing costs

A critical consideration was the ability to test applications with unprecedented depth and detail. At the same time, the company sought to improve the quality and quantity of testing and provide consistency without increasing costs.

The result:higher quality software, testing times reduced by 95% and significant cost savings

We take testing very seriously...we simply will not issue a new release without feeling confident that we have tested it thoroughly

Chip Lee, Product Manager Cargill Global Financial Solutions

Reducing risk

Ageas deployed new apps whilst minimizing the risk and reducing workload

New apps were necessary for the business to compete, but they also meant more work and risk in deploying service packs, upgrades, and patches.

Using test management and execution solutions from Original Software, Ageas has set up efficient, scalable testing that has significantly improved both IT productivity and user productivity.
The benefits are felt across the application portfolio – from business intelligence to the marketing database to accounts and agent systems.

Totally Tested

Original Software helps improve the quality of your ERP and business applications, speeding up project delivery and reducing risk. Whether you use SAP, Oracle EBS, Infor, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, IBM i or your own bespoke system, you can relax in the knowledge you are totally tested end-to-end across all your applications.

Business Process Capture

Document end-to-end processes quickly and accurately without disrupting users.

Manual Testing

Active manual testing with automatic capture standardized output and defects raised in real-time.

Test Automation

Automatically identify every meaningful change .Check every element of every screen.

User Acceptance Testing

Simple to use, easy to adminster, and delivers software projects xxxxx60% faster.

Flexible Test & IT Management

Highly configurable solution with instant access and a unified view for all users

Designed for Business Users

100% codeless solutions with no need for specialist programmers

How Original Software helped Capital One

“We are delighted with the productivity and results achieved with TestDrive and the support provided by Original Software. By directly addressing our strategic need for quality, accuracy and speed of delivery, TestDrive has proven to be a cost-effective solution.

Jackie Stringer, CTO Capital One

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