Regression testing

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by Jonathan Pearson on 29th April 2019

Revolutionary regression testing accelerates delivery and eliminates defects in production.

“It’s not what you are checking that’s an issue. It’s the bits you are not checking that causes the problem.“

I am delighted to be sharing this story at the Quality Engineered Software and Testing Conference – Quest 2019 in Chicago. I will be presenting on the topic “Baggage Claiming, a ground-breaking new technique to overcome the challenge of Business Process Regression Testing” illustrated with one of our customer’s real-life experiences.

If you would like faster delivery and to enjoy zero defects in production come along at 2 pm on Wednesday 15th to hear the full story.

Interested to hear more but can’t make the event?  Reach out to me here.

Jonathan Pearson is the Pre-Sales Consulting Manager at Original Software.

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