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by Sue Armitage on 4th February 2022

Validating your SAP S/4HANA Implementation Part I

Preparing for your SAP upgrade

What you can do during the Preparation phases of your SAP project to get ready for the change. Upgrading your SAP, especially to S4/HANA, means significant change but how can you prepare for it – even if you’re not ready yet?

In this webinar we explore what you can do during the Preparation and Blueprinting phases of the project to get READY for the change.

  • Document your existing business processes
  • Design and document the new business processes
  • Prepare guides and training materials for your users
  • Define validation and acceptance criteria for the new system

In the subsequent STEADY and GO webinars we will look at how you will use the outcome from this phase to ease and speed up the Realization, Final Preparation and Go-Live phases of the project, saving time, money and ultimately delivering value to the business more quickly.
Use everything you have learnt, during this project, to quickly and easily adopt changes in the future.

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