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by Jonathan Pearson on 16th April 2020

Don’t push me, ’cause I’m close to the Edge

Patent pending object recognition and reduction technology means automated testing over many types of browsers has never been easier.

No this isn’t about how your feeling after spending 24 hours a day with your family for the past month, rather a story about how you should use the browser you want to do automated testing. Why should you shy away from (the) Edge or Firefox or Chrome if that is what you prefer or need to test with? With the next release of TestDrive, Original Software’s flagship code-free automation solution, there is no need to lose your head with this decision as life has just become a lot easier. With full chromium support and patent-pending object recognition and reduction technology, it’s never been easier to create automated tests and then use the same content over one or many types of browsers without needing to make a change.

At Original we know that searching through the tools landscape can seem like a jungle sometimes, but out of the box UI regression coupled with the most intuitive build and self-healing maintenance capabilities, we can help stop your efforts from going under.

So become the Grand Master Flash of your automation team and contact us today.

Jonathan Pearson is a Customer Success Manager with Original Software.

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