Regression testing

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by News Desk on 26th September 2018

Regression testing in weeks, not years?

I was talking to a testing manager yesterday about their mix of manual and automated testing.  They have managed to achieve 60-70% automation of the areas they targeted.  A fact we all agree is pretty good.

This, of course, begs some other questions.  How long did it take?    How big is the team?  What is the extent of the manual testing?   Well, it has taken 15 people 12 years – you can do the maths, but that’s an investment few of us can afford.

We all know we should be performing regression tests, but many are rightly daunted by the resources and commitment needed to create the additional code base required by automation tools such as Selenium.

But manual regression testing is a non-starter, and surviving without this essential safety net for the business is unwise.

It doesn’t have to be like this. If you would like to see how much easier true regression testing can be, these handy guides are worth looking at.

How to build a regression test pack

How to run a regression test

It’s time for a new approach …

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