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by Tim Bower on 10th October 2019

Making Happiness your IT project goal at the M3 Benelux conference.

I recently attended the M3 User Association (M3UA) conference in Amsterdam. It was an interesting day with many presentations about the exciting plans Infor have for the M3 ERP application. However, and I may be a little biased, the presentation that really stood out for me was from our own George Wilson. It was all about Happiness.

There is a lot of talk from life-coaches about Happiness, but George’s presentation was about having Happiness as a prime goal for any IT project, whether it is an implementation, upgrade or just a small feature release. George’s goal for his presentation was to put a smile on everyone’s face and he succeeded, albeit with a little help from David Attenborough.

I’m sure you will all agree that we all work better and have a more fulfilling home life when we are happy. Often, major IT projects are stressful and place significant pressures upon us. By making Happiness the ultimate goal, we can help to improve everyone’s well-being.

Part of delivering the goal is to ensure that everyone involved knows what is expected of them, and to provide them with the tools they need to deliver those expectations.

So if you’d like us  to help bring some happiness to your next IT project just get in touch and we’ll fix a time to talk.

Tim Bower is a Senior Solutions Consultant with Original Software.

Proud to be associated with the M3 User Association.

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