Automated testing 4X faster, end-to-end, across all applications

Automated testing end-to-end across any application

All significant application vendors, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Salesforce, have moved, or are in the process of moving their user interfaces to the browser.  TestDrive not only tests browsers but also client/server and legacy applications, all without the need for high-cost, specialized automation engineers.

Maintenance free

Patented Annotation technology that thinks like a human makes TestDrive excellent at handling changes without assistance.

For business users

Code-free automation means no need for programming skills

True regression testing

No change, even if unexpected and unwanted, goes undetected

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Code free

100% code-free, no need for programming skills

Playback timing, screenshots, analysis of all the visible and invisible screen elements are all handled automatically by TestDrive which lets you concentrate on the testing!

A.I. Object recognition & simplification

Your view of the application content is not cluttered with irrelevant components

You see only the items you are interested in, and hence it is simple to identify what you have, what you can interact with and what properties you want to validate.  Without this, it would be impossible to understand the real content of each web page.

Human vision annotation

Patented user annotation thinks like a user does

The solution works (or thinks) the same way a user does and technical changes do not break it.

More specifically, some applications have very dynamic naming and identification of objects so that when you next visit that page, the same object may have a different technical id.

This breaks automation dependent on that approach, and it is why we do not rely on it.

Instead, we look at the page and analyze it like a user so when the field for Zip or Postcode has a different technical name and perhaps has moved as well, playback is not affected, the script will still run, and you don’t have to waste time fixing scripts before you can run them.

So your automation is always ready to run, and the script maintenance lag is removed, testing can go ahead, and issues are found quicker.

Automatic synchronization

Including over single page web apps (BusySense)

You do not have to worry about varying response times for the application, nor do you have to code ‘timing loops’ to check if the application is in the right state.

Synchronization errors are simply something we do not get, and you don’t have to worry about them—another great and unique feature of TestDrive.

Easy script maintenance

Self -healing minimizes maintenance

Script maintenance is probably the biggest reason for automation projects to fail; it becomes harder to fix the scripts before you can use them than to test manually.

That’s why our ability to cope with changes and be ready to run is so significant. When changes are needed, perhaps because of some new input, self-healing takes you through inserting the new input or action while the script runs and adapts to the latest version.

At the end of a test, you can designate the results as a new baseline.
Maintenance virtually disappears and the biggest killer of automation along with it.

One script, many browsers

Self -healing minimizes maintenance

 You can quickly test in different environments and configurations with no extra work to be sure of browser compatibility.

TestDrive will run seamlessly across every browser enabling cross-browser testing at the click of a button, without the need to re-create.

This  is even true of the previously difficult to automate, single page ‘Ajax’ applications.

Out-of-the- box full regression testing

Grown up regression testing. Putting the test back into test automation

Most testing tools have validation based solely on ‘assertions. Meaning you specify what you want to check; a technique which is great for some situations.

But that alone is a bit like asking one of the children to feed the cat they do, and later you find the dog was dead which they did not mention. Testing tools can be as pedantic!

But not TestDrive, it will check all the essential data at the same time. What is different, moved, gone, appeared – all things you cannot easily define a check for and hence will catch you out if you do not know about them. This is grown-up regression testing.

Checking rules

Automated testing

Indeed, when you run an automated test, you will have some specific objectives to validate, probably expressed as an assertion. But it also makes sense to check other things simultaneously, and checking rules enable you to do this automatically.

The user can select which checking rules are to be verified as an automated test executes. These include base-line comparisons, specific content, spell-checks, link checks, hardware impact checks and performance checks. It saves you time, takes little set-up and expands the coverage and purpose of a test, to trap more errors.

Data driven

Expanded coverage with variable data

Data-driven tests are fundamental to expanding test coverage. Use spreadsheet-style data to drive inputs, to act as values to verify against and even update columns so that the values can be used later in the test.

It is a simple drag and drop process to match the columns to the inputs on screen.  It could not be easier and no sign of anything like coding!

Modular playlists

Optimizing re-use

Uniquely TestDrive separates instructions on how to navigate an application from the logic, tests, data drivers and success criteria. If the application under test changes significantly and the navigation has to be replaced, it ensures that the business logic survives.

This means fewer scripts to maintain as the modular scripts are reused and repurposed in the Playlist that drives each scenario.

Multiple applications?

End-to-end testing?

Most organizations have many applications that run the business and hence carry out end-to-end testing, which must be done across multiple applications (integrated or otherwise).

A single test can embrace multiple applications and technologies enabling you to have a complete end to end scenarios and check each step in a business process along the way whether cloud, browser, green screen, Windows GUI, Java, SAP, Salesforce or anything. One solution, for all your application testing.

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