What if there was a completely unique way to invest in Testing Software?

We offer the solutions you need, delivered as a value assured investment.

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Proof it will work

We will show you how our solutions will help you to meet your goals and objectives.
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Future Proofed

Our Technology Transfer Guarantee allows you to flex as your business changes.
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Rapid, Zero Risk ROI

Zero-risk, see ROI in days complete with a money-back guarantee

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Cost Saving and Easily Installed

We will get you up and running with the minimum of disruption

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Budget aligned and protected

Concurrent licensing and price protection

Proof it will work

We only want happy customers so, you tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll tell you if we can do it.

We’ll show you how our solutions will help you to meet your goals. Then, talk to our customers, read their stories and if relevant, we’ll guide you through a focused Proof of Concept.

Along the way you’ll see and hear how our customers have realized benefits above and beyond their original objectives.


Future proofed, Technology Transfer Guarantee

Our solutions remain relevant as technology, and your needs evolve. You will benefit from multiple releases each year driven by a combination of customer feedback and our own vision.

This is a potent combination which has seen Original Software awarded multiple patents for radical innovation.

But what if your needs change? What happens if you can reduce your manual testing efforts and place more of the burden on automated tests?

The great news is that you can re-balance your investment with us. Our Technology Transfer Guarantee allows you to alter the mix of your licenses, without any costs or penalty.

Rapid, Zero Risk, ROI

The code-free approach, which is shared across our solutions, ensures that you will start to see benefits in days, rather than months. In some areas you will see those benefits almost immediately.

But what happens if the solutions fail to meet your goals? We understand and we’ve got you covered – We offer a 30 day, 100%, money back guarantee.


Cost Effective, Fast Implementation

We provide a Learning Management System for all our solutions, so your team can get up to speed at a pace, and time, that allows them to meet their other goals.

And remember, you’ll be using most of our solutions within hours. Test automation has the most capabilities, so it takes a little longer, but we’re talking days rather than months!

Budget Aligned & Protected

All our client software is priced using a concurrent licensing model. You can give every potential user access, without incurring any additional cost.

Your license fees are based on the maximum number of people who will be using it at any point in time.

As your success grows, you may want to extend your investment with us, and you may want to build that into your future budgets, so we offer price protection for the duration of your agreement with us – if you want more licenses, they will be at the same cost as your original purchase.

So, tell us what you want to achieve.
We’ll tell you how we can support you.

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A unique Way to Invest in Testing Software

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