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Infor Testing Solutions for Infor that halve the time of testing, reduce project cost and minimize risk

Infor upgrades, fast, efficient and without business disruption

Can your Infor  upgrades be completed fast, efficiently, and without disrupting ongoing business operations?

Can you make a case for upgrading to the next major release or moving to the cloud in terms of value to the business, so you get the commitment and budget you need to move forward? 

To get a “yes” answer to these questions, you need to be able to validate that the applications running on Infor will support your business exactly as required, free of defects and free of business disruption. Our Infor Testing Tools deliver exactly that,

Documenting Infor Work Processes

Without a clear understanding of how your business currently works, it is nearly impossible to know what to focus on when testing and validating a new, upgraded or patched Infor  system, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Understand current processes

Understanding how your business uses the application is vital.

Reference library

TestAssist captures how people use the application, providing a library for future reference.

Patching and upgrading Infor

You will probably rely heavily on your Business Users for the testing and validation of changes, and their time is precious. An efficient and manageable process is essential to ensure that the changes are validated as quickly, efficiently, and cheaply as possible.

Focus on areas of importance

Use your process documentation library to focus your testing on the areas of Infor that are important to the business. TestAssist will create test evidence and provide automatic feedback on any issues raised.

Successful project delivery

Ensure your application correctly supports your mission-critical business processes. This Infor upgrade guide will help you eliminate unnecessary effort from your project.

Implementing Infor

A new implementation of Infor, or transition to the cloud is not a casual undertaking and a clear understanding of how your business currently works is essential. You will be asking the Business Users to invest a significant amount of time and effort and you will want to make the process as efficient as possible.

Project visibility

If you are new to Infor and are implementing, or about to implement, Qualify AQM will provide you with the perfect platform for managing the effort. It enables you to see who is doing what and when, and what the progress is.

Significant time-savings

Our Infor Testing tools will save enormous amounts of time (our customers report up to a 70% saving in the validation, or testing, phase) enabling you to deliver the project on time and in budget.

User Acceptance Testing Infor

The majority of UAT is performed by business users whose time is precious. They are often spread across different offices and locations. It is essential that communication, and the process of testing and evidence capture is as easy as possible to relieve an already stressful situation.

Ease of use

TestAssist has been designed specifically for non-technical business users from the start. From identifying work to providing feedback and evidence of testing, each step is made to be intuitive and simple, to ensure maximum cooperation from your business community.

Visibility of work

It is imperative that your UAT testers can quickly and easily find their work and understand the test requirements. Similarly, your UAT managers and coordinators must be able to see how the testing is progressing and the outcome of that testing. If not, then the time taken, and the effectiveness of the UAT process will suffer. This leads to unhappy staff and increased risk and delivery timescales. A dedicated UAT Management solution fixes all these issues from day one.

Automation - the future of your Infor projects?

We all know that patches and upgrades are becoming increasingly frequent, particularly if you are moving, or have moved, onto Infor’s CloudSuite platform. The demand on the business for testing and validation could be huge. Automated testing can ease the burden and significantly shorten the time taken to validate changes

Step toward automation

Once you know how the business leverages Infor and have details of how it is used, you can start to automate large pieces of your testing using TestDrive.

Working faster, cheaper & with confidence

This means you can implement patches and upgrades faster, cheaper, and more confidently, providing greater value to the business.

How Reynolds Catering tackled a major Infor upgrade

Ten to twenty times more testing with a fifth of the resources

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A family business with a passion for produce, Reynolds is one of the UK’s leading independent distributors of fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy and cheese. 

Their challenge was to tackle a major upgrade – jumping four versions of Infor M3 to 13.4 with a team a quarter of the size available at implementation 

With the help of the solutions from  Original Software, Richard and his team were able to do ten to twenty times more testing with a fifth of the resources available at the original implementation.

Watch this ten-minute informal interview to hear the full story

"We’ve now got a methodology that we know works, we have some software that we know works. We haven’t got to employ specialist testers, ... this one works and it works with M3."

Richard Calder, IT Director Reynolds Catering Services

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