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by Resource on 5th June 2020

SAP Business Process Documentation

Upgrades of core operational systems like SAP (ERP) and CRM and so on are long, expensive, and painful. A key reason is that the knowledge of what the system needs to do resides with users in finance, HR, sales, and service, etc. The IT department has to refer to these users frequently, but access is limited, causing project timeframes and costs to balloon.

Original Software allows you to automatically document your business processes in numerous formats, such as pdf or Html, but also as “animations” as shown in this presentation. Animations are the quickest and clearest way to understand a process because they mimic a user interacting with the application. While they look like movies, they are actually far lighter, to avoid clogging up corporate networks.

Whichever format you choose, the business process can be viewed by anyone with a Windows PC, enabling IT departments and their partners to understand the exact functionality the business requires.

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