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by Adrian Rogers on 12th September 2019

Is your software testing solution a lumbering player or a match winner?

Sport has moved on – has the way you deliver software changed?

Anticipating the Rugby World Cup and thinking how much it has changed over the last thirty or so years, I see the similarities between that and the evolution of software testing solutions. 

Back then in rugby, we had some big lumbering players, who had little competition, who ground away to bring about a win, even if there were many errors and flaws to see.

Much the same could be said of the players in the software market at the time. Whether that be Micro Focus, Mercury or others. They had little competition to be worried about and as a result these giants were enabled to distribute uninspiring, mediocre quality software. But slowly in rugby, over time, other dynamic players made the whole thing more competitive and with it a professional era began.

Now in both rugby and software testing, we have smaller, leaner, fitter players who drive excellence forward with exciting new methods and offer stunning, and often stellar performances. This is the reason to choose Original Software who excel at bringing about imaginative and “first to market” products. If you look closely here, over the next few months, you will see details about a new jaw dropping, awe inspiring solution. This from the team, who do not just try, but who succeed in driving forward innovation and converting ideas which ruck, into world match winners.

Adrian Rogers is a sports nut and QA specialist at Original Software.

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