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by Resource on 30th November 2020

TestDrive 2.0

Simply the fastest code-free test automation tool on the planet

How do you make the most innovative test automation product ever built, even better?
  • A.I. Object recognition& simplification (patented)
  • Self-healing script maintenance
  • Human vision annotation (patented)
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Out-of-the-box full regression testing

One script, many browsers

We started back at the drawing board by re-examining the critical challenges to fast and stable test automation. We also knew that the overwhelming shift to web UIs opened some radical possibilities, which were the focus for our 2019 & 2020 R&D programs.

Shift to the web continues.

Even in this relatively short timeframe, the shift to the web has continued. All significant application vendors, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Salesforce, have moved or are in the process of moving their user interfaces to the browser to enable a SaaS delivery and a more predictable subscription revenue stream.

These applications are the backbone for the operations of thousands of companies around the globe, and the need to test legacy client/server and even mainframe applications is significantly diminished.

Test seamlessly across every browser.

So, the broad remit of test automation is no longer required; instead, the focus must be on the particular challenges posed by browser-based applications and the need to test across multiple browsers.

As we look forward, we know that Internet Explorer is fading from the picture and that the focus is now on the likes of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave and Firefox, which are all based on either the Chromium or Mozilla rendering engines. The target, therefore, needed to be a product that would run seamlessly across every browser.

Patented technology

Solving these significant challenges has needed innovation in the best traditions of Original Software and is reflected in the associated patent applications. We are proud that we are again raising the bar for what you can expect from a test automation product.

Automatically understand the application flow.

So that checkpoints comprising physical pictures and a full regression-ready analysis of the UI elements can be executed automatically. Web navigations get you started, but modern applications also rely on Ajax communications and local manipulation of the DOM. Hence, the challenge is to detect all checkpoints that a user would expect.

Synchronising an automated test script

The synchronisation of an automated test script with an application that will serve pages at speeds dependent on the server load is a perennial challenge for test automation products and one that TestDrive uniquely solves with its BusySense technology. The challenge was to develop a web solution that would work across any web application and architecture. 

Remove the 60-80% noise and deliver only the elements of value?

TestDrive uniquely delivers the ability to verify every element on every screen, But a web application is full of HTML noise and content that is of no interest to the tester. While TestDrive has always avoided the need for object repositories and their derivatives, could we remove the 60-80% noise and deliver only the elements of value?

Make the tester more productive.

Application complexity is the enemy of any tester, and we need to figure out how we could present the 120 HTML tags, tabular data and massively nested DOM elements in a way that will make the tester more productive.

Work for ANY browser using the new technology

Make the automation work for ANY browser using the new technology, enabling cross-browser testing at the click of a button, without the need to re-create, whilst ensuring a future-proof operation no matter where your applications take you. This capability is true of the previously difficult-to-automate, single-page ‘Ajax’ applications.

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