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by George Wilson on 6th July 2021

IBM i Data Validation – find out what is really going on under the covers

IBM i applications are rich in database activity, and much of that processing is performed by APIs or batch processes that do not have any form of user interface. Given the damage that a poorly written program can inflict on this key corporate asset, validating that every database activity is correct is difficult, and IBM provide few tools to help.

By using TestBench’s Data Validation module, you can track every insert, update and delete operation. You will understand what errors have been introduced and by what process. There are even rules so data changes get flagged automatically.

Find out more in our best practice guide.

This guide explores the key principles and techniques as they relate to the creation, maintenance, validation, use, and re-use of test data environments on the IBM i, IBM iSeries & IBM AS/400 and offers practical solutions for success.

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