Regression Testing

100% code-free. No need for specialist programmers

Create scripts 3-4 X faster

Automatically identify every meaningful change

A.I. Script maintenance

360 degree Regression Testing

Because it's what you don't test that will catch you out

Regression testing is a safety net for unwanted changes. It means to test that a fix or change has not adversely affected previously working functionality, in other words it has not regressed.

Almost all major software failures have been caused by things which were not tested, rather than poor assessment of test results.

It is what you don’t test that will catch you out, that’s why complete 360 degree testing is so powerful.

Create scripts 3-4 X faster

No need for specialist programmers

Our regression testing tools provide a 100% code-free process. Drag and drop process captures and data sets and away you go. Learn more in our easy  “how to ” guides

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100% coverage

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Automatically identify every meaningful change in the UI

Check every element of every screen in the UI , not just the expected ones

Additional checks

 Trap more errors with easy to add automated checksThese include base-line comparisons, specific content, spell-checks, link checks, hardware impact checks and performance checks.

End to end across all your platforms

A single test can embrace multiple applications and technologies enabling you to have a complete end to end scenario and check each step in a business process along the way whether cloud, browser, green screen, Windows GUI, Java, SAP, Salesforce, or anything.

A.I. script maintenance

Re-baselined scripts

At the end of the test the scripts are reset, baselined, to match the current release and are ready to go for the next release test. 

Minimal script maintenance

A.I. means the scripts update to the latest version
Scripts adapt to change automatically

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How Original Software helped CertainTeed

The Story

CertainTeed is a North American manufacturer of sustainable exterior and interior building products. With multiple, heavily customized SAP implementations, as well as numerous integrations including Salesforce, users were overwhelmed by a high rate of change. Necessary checks didn’t always happen, were very costly and inefficient to run, leaving room for defects to reach production.

How Original Software helped

Every business process across multiple applications was captured. The result was easy-to-follow documentation and animations that provided the small automation team with the information they needed. Then TestDrive captured every item on every screen automatically, without any coding. Secondly, the results of a regression test were compared to any selected baseline, highlighting every difference: No undetected changes.

Key Benefits

250 scenarios automated


Zero defects reach production


Hundreds of man hours saved


Certainteed regression testing

...hundreds of man hours saved

Marc Croquette, IT Director

The Automation Solution

Testing 4X faster across all applications


No need for programming skills Playback timing, screenshots, analysis of all the visible and invisible screen elements are all handled automatically

One Script, Many Browsers

Cross-browser testing over any browser at the click of a button, without the need to re-create, including over single-page ‘Ajax’ applications.

Complete End-to end Testing

A single test can embrace multiple applications and technologies whether cloud, browser, green screen, Windows GUI, Java, SAP, Salesforce

Out Of The Box Regression Testing

Grown up regression testing checking every element of every screen- identifying all changes, including the unexpected ones.

Human Vision Annotation

Patented user annotation thinks like a user does. Technical changes will not break it.

Minimal Script Maintenance

Self-Healing takes you through inserting the new input or action while the script runs and adapts to the latest version.

Automatic Synchronization

Ignore application response times. Synchronization errors are a thing of the past, even over single pages web apps.

A.I. Object Recognition & Simplification

Your view of the application content is not cluttered with irrelevant components

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