Regression testing

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by Richard Carbray on 18th November 2019

Don’t take a gamble with your regression testing solution.

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A colleague of mine is not long back from a weekend in Vegas with some friends. He played the tables over the weekend and struck lucky coming home with winnings that certainly covered the cost of their hotel and cocktails to celebrate. But he was the first to admit that this wasn’t their first trip and on previous occasions they’ve not been so lucky.

And isn’t that typically the case – whether cards, roulette, blackjack it’s all down to pure luck and chance.

But when it comes to application quality and regression testing it can’t work like that.  If you need to regression test you need to do it properly and can’t leave it to chance. Just imagine the ramifications if a significant defect made it through to production?

There are tools available that claim to be able to do regression testing, but can they carry out full content analysis and identify all changes, not just the expected ones?

At Original Software, we understand the importance and the need for full true regression testing.  All changes can be identified, allowing you to decide if they are as expected or not.

So don’t leave it to chance, play your cards right, back a winner, and reach out to one of our experts.

Richard Carbray is a Solutions Consultant at Original Software.

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