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by Jonathan Pearson on 4th June 2020

Captain America and IBM i Not often do Superheroes and Testing collide

Unveiling computing’s secret serum.

Once rejected from the army due to weakness and inabilities, Captain America’s breakthrough came when he was injected with a secret serum.

This happened around 1941, ironically the same time frame that the IBM AS/400 was rumoured to have been developed, and this changed his life forever. With a greatly enhanced body and mind to make the most effective, efficient version of himself, Captain America and his friends fought off foe after foe and were always victorious.

Over the next few posts, we will look at a unique solution that has been used by 100’s of companies to enhance their usage of the IBMi platform, which emerged from the AS/400 and iSeries. Wouldn’t you like to protect your IT investments with a shield of indestructibility to ensure continuity and productivity of this crucial system?

So let’s follow the marvel team and see how they can help you. Next – Spiderman, a superhero’s approach to agile testing.

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