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..hundreds of man-hours saved.

Marc Croquette - IT Director CertainTeed

SAP ECC - S/4HANA Fix the issues before the move

We know this is a substantial project, and we have solutions.

Improve SAP ECC updates, upgrades, and changes.

Reduce issues as you move towards the S/4HANA upgrade deadline with our code-free SAP test automation.

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Solutions for SAP including S/4HANA

Halve the time of testing, reduce your project cost, and ensure you are ready on time or before

Can your SAP changes/patches and upgrades be completed fast, efficiently, and without disrupting ongoing business operations?

Can you make a case for upgrading to the next major release in terms of value to the business, so you get the commitment and budget you need to move forward? 

To get a “yes” answer to these questions, you need to be able to validate that the applications running on a SAP platform will support your business exactly as required, free of defects and free of business disruption.

Our SAP Testing Tools will give you that “yes.”

Blue Printing SAP Work Processes

Without a clear understanding of how your business currently works, it is nearly impossible to know what to focus on when testing and validating a new, customized, upgraded or patched SAP system.

Understand current processes

Understanding how your business uses the application is vital.

Reference library

TestAssist captures how people use the application, providing a library for future reference.

End-to-end process

SAP is often used in conjunction with many other applications. Full process definition across multiple technologies and applications is often required to give a true picture.

Customizing SAP

Whether you are using an older SAP ECC version of SAP or the latest S/4HANA release, changing the system to best help represent your unique business processes is often needed. This may include the numerous interfaces with other systems in your portfolio. If there are no internal QA resources, you will probably rely heavily on your Business Users or external partners to test and validate changes, and their time is precious.

For the realization phase, an efficient and manageable process is essential to ensure that the changes are validated as quickly, efficiently, and cheaply as possible. This applies not only to the large code and build changes but also to the smallest of configurations, which can have huge impacts in downstream systems.


Create referenceable documents

Easy to create requirements and user stories can be held in the system to ensure that any test case covers everything required.

First look prototype documentation

Whilst running through first look tests, these can be recorded and used to show stakeholders what the change will be. This ensures that correct system updates are done first time, saving the time needed to change any incorrect assumptions later.

Simple creation of re-usable test cases

Use the prototyping documentation to create reusable test cases that can be used not only for this change but for regression moving forwards.

Patching and upgrading SAP

You will probably rely heavily on your Business Users for the testing and validation of changes, and their time is precious. An efficient and manageable process is essential to ensure that the changes are validated as quickly, efficiently, and cheaply as possible.

Focus on areas of importance

Use your process documentation library to focus your testing on the areas of SAP that are important to the business. TestAssist will create test evidence and provide automatic feedback of any issues raised.

Successful project delivery

Ensure your application correctly supports your mission-critical business processes. 


Implementing SAP

A new implementation of SAP is not a casual undertaking and a clear understanding how your business currently works is essential. This may be done as it is actually easier than a system upgrade, but you will still be asking the Business Users to invest a significant amount of time and effort and you will want to make the process as efficient as possible.


If you are new to SAP and are implementing, or about to implement, Qualify AQM will provide you with the perfect platform for managing the effort. It enables you to see who is doing what and when, and what the progress is.

Significant time-savings

These solutions will save enormous amounts of time (our customers report up to a 70% saving in the validation, or testing, phase) enabling you to deliver the project on time and in budget.

UAT of SAP Work Processes

With the majority of UAT, you will be relying on the goodwill of business users whose day job is not testing. This resource will invariably be spread across different offices and geographical locations. It is imperative that communications and the process of testing, and evidence capture are as easy as possible to relieve an already stressful situation.

Work Stream Visibility

Visibility of work to be done, test requirements, and test evidence are an imperative part of the UAT life cycle. If any of these are missing then the time taken, and effectiveness of any UAT process will suffer. This leads to unhappy staff and increased risk and delivery timescales. A dedicated UAT Management solution fixes all of these issues from day one.

Ease of use

TestAssist was designed to be used with non-technical business users from the start. From identifying tasks to executing tests, each step is made to be intuitive and simple to ensure maximum adherence from your business community.


Regression Testing

Is automation the future of your SAP projects?

We all know that patches and upgrades are becoming increasingly frequent, particularly if you are moving, or have moved, onto the S/4HANA and Fiori platform. The demand on the business for testing and validation could be huge. Automated testing can ease the burden and significantly shorten the time taken to validate changes.

Step toward automation

Once you know how the business leverages SAP and have details of how it is used, you can start to automate large pieces of your testing using TestDrive.

Working faster, cheaper & with confidence

This means you can implement patches and upgrades faster, cheaper, and more confidently, providing greater value to the business.

Multiple, different integrated systems

Often it is necessary to validate numerous systems in your end-to-end process chain. With TestDrive this is simple as the engine is designed to be technology agnostic.

What does this mean?

How Original Software helped CertainTeed

The Story

CertainTeed is a North American manufacturer of sustainable exterior and interior building products. With multiple, heavily customized SAP implementations, as well as numerous integrations including Salesforce users, were overwhelmed by a high rate of change. Necessary checks didn’t always happen, were very costly and inefficient to run, leaving room for defects to reach production.

How Original Software helped

Every business process across multiple applications was captured. The result was easy-to-follow documentation and animations that provided the small automation team with the information they needed. Then TestDrive captured every item on every screen automatically, without any coding. Secondly, the results of a regression test were compared to any selected baseline, highlighting every difference: No undetected changes.

Key Benefits

250 scenarios automated


Zero defects reach production


Hundreds of man hours saved


Certainteed regression testing

..hundreds of man hours saved.

Marc Croquette, IT Director

Getting started


In the most efficient way, so any change you make, correctly supports all your critical business processes.

Feel the benefits

After a couple of days to implement our solutions and a few hours of training, your team can get to work.

Have confidence

That your SAP ECC application will support your business as required from go-live, and will make life easier moving forward.

Increasing efficiency

How Carlsberg Marston's carried out a successful SAP upgrade

Original Software’s solutions ran in the background capturing processes so business users didn’t need to take time out from their day job. The results were used to create automated testing.

The project went so well it was extended to other applications and a new warehouse could be immediately added to  SAP.

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