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by Sue Armitage on 11th February 2022

Validating your SAP S/4HANA Implementation Part II Steady

Faster validation for S/4HANA implementations

Reducing effort and speeding up the Realization and Final Preparation phases of the project




Part II Steady

A higher speed approach to the Realization and Final Preparation phases of the project

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*Missed Part One? You can watch the recording here.

In the first part, READY, we discussed how to make sure, during the Preparation and Blueprinting phases of the project, that you have everything in place for the next part of the project.*
In this second webinar, we will explore how to use the information from the get ‘Ready’ phase in ‘Steady’ – accelerating the Realization and Final Preparation phases of the project, including:

Quickly create animated training guides to ensure users know what to do

No more Alt+PrtScn and Paste. No more messy, inconsistent documents that are hard to follow. You will see how to create practically effortlessy accurate documents and videos from which users can quickly get real value.

Rapidly validate and document processes, effortless producing clear documentation

With a documented understanding of either the current processes or how you need them to be, you have the essential knowledge captured to define processes, create test cases, inform users and build automated tests. Understanding!

Optimize issue and feedback handling so communication is clear and unambiguous

With detailed, accurate audit trails and test evidence dynamically captured during testing with zero input from the user, there is no communication gap. The feedback is immediately clear, and hence the appropriate action can be taken without the need for time-consuming conversations and exchanges to clarify matters – conversations that normally sap the velocity from a project. Clarity!

Use of automation to do the heavy lifting, freeing up users and analysts as well as slashing project timescales.

Code free, robust automation that has little or no maintenance overhead enables tasks to be delegated to automation, meaning users, testers and BAs can carry out other tasks while the automation runs overnight checking and rechecking everything to ensure no glitches get through. Peace of mind!

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