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by George Wilson on 6th June 2019

IT Director shares success story in tackling a significant upgrade

Delivering Confidence

Facing a major upgrade – in this particular case jumping four versions of Infor M3 to 13.4, would be a daunting project for most companies.

Doing that with a team a quarter of the size available at implementation and you have a significant project on your hands.

This was the challenge facing Reynolds Catering Supplies ,winner for the fifth year running of Restaurant Magazine’s “UK’s Best Fruit and Veg Supplier”

Watch this informal ten-minute video, and listen to their IT Director and IT Testing & Training Technician telling the story of how they managed it, without the need for specialist testers and find out what it is that “makes a phenomenal difference”

If you would like to know more about these – or our many other clients, who are delivering confidence you can get hold of me here.

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