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Increase your Testing ROI by 50%

Increase your testing ROI by 50%

We can confidently minimize the cost of your UAT testing by 50% today, increasing your ROI and effectiveness immediately

End-to-end across any technology

End-to-end across any technology

We do not limit our technology to SAP, Oracle, and SFDC like Panaya. Our solutions cover and integrate with all platforms, even in-house builds. Allowing you to understand the changes that happen within your systems, not just on the surface. Run your tests seamlessly over multiple applications including Microsoft Office to ensure the testing captures the full end-to-end process that the user experiences. 

Any methodology

Any methodology

Whatever methodology you use, we have you covered. We can customize any aspect of our software to meet your needs, no matter how granular.

Our tools can help you manage various projects simultaneously across various platforms (even non-test related projects)




Our solutions can help you capture and automatically document all UAT activities with ease. This can also be used as a basis for test scripts for Automation with our code free test automation tools. Our software is not only easy to use, but it is also simple to administer, understand and implement.


Easy to use, simple to administer


End to End Multi-App Use

Seamlessly move between multiple applications, including the MS Office suite, and capture the full end-to-end process.

Technology Agnostic

Test any application whether it presented in a browser, in a desktop application or even 3270/5250 ‘green-screen’.

Post-creation edit & enhance

Amend and enhance, with comments and screen mark-ups, after capture to make the documentation more meaningful.

Requirements Management

Comprehensive management capability, from change requests to functional and technical specification and design documentation.

Multi-Output Formats

Outputs can be saved in Word pdf and animation formats to produce training guides

Survey and Capture

 Survey your business users prior to release. This allows for greater situational visibility helping towards a more accurate go live decision.

Resource Management

A powerful view of your work in progress, (optionally including time-sheet data), allocated tasks, and forward projects

Feedback & Triage

Gather feedback, both positive as well as negative. Analyze and triage feedback prior to raising defects.

User Level Security

A role-based security model is a fundamental part with a full range of accumulated permissions

Defect Management

Manage your defects in the same place that you manage your testing. Qualify provides a complete defect management solution.

what our clients have to say

The support we get is superb…. I just wish all our suppliers would respond as efficiently, effectively, and quickly.David Jewell- QA Manager-Ageas 50I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we appreciate your support staff. As always – they are committed to providing excellent support to our company. Steve Sinclair, Technical Business Analyst, Jack Henry & Associates.It is extremely easy to use…definitely recommend it to peopleLiz Winspear, Test Manager, Marston’s Plc


Qualify UAT vs The Competition

  • Automation
  • End-to-end Multi-App Use
  • Post-Creation Edit & Enhance
  • Technology Agnostic
  • Multi-Output Formats

Other Testing Solutions

  • Automation
  • End-to-end Multi-App Use
  • Post-Creation Edit & Enhance
  • Technology Agnostic
  • Multi-Output Formats

If you are serious about reducing your UAT time and costs, speak to us today.


Increase your testing ROI by

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Different customers have different objectives, whether the focus is saving time and effort, cost reduction, or eliminating risk. By partnering with us, customers can be assured that before they go live with major upgrades, they can be relaxed in knowing that everything will work perfectly.

Jerry van den Berg, Head of Channels
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