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by Resource on 27th March 2020

How to have happy users at the end of your Oracle upgrade

How to have happy users at the end of your Oracle upgrade

Upgrades, enhancements, and patches take substantial effort and planning. Everyone we speak to involves business users in their testing – and they don’t typically relish the process. The work is tedious and repetitive, but if they are being inefficient and making mistakes, you are adding costs. It’s your duty to enable more effective testing and help the users. Our mission is to help you get around this process more quickly, more easily and with a better end result. Our software enables you to optimize processes and get increasingly efficient with each iteration saving as much as 75% in the end. Note: These solutions are platform agnostic, so not only will they run over any Oracle application they will also run over other off-the-shelf solutions or custom-built applications.

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